Curse of the vampire- The beggining

  One Saturday morning i'm sitting being bored. I tried going to the park and the library. I was still board. I took my brother James to the beach,but it was dark,and later we head on home. We came home and we figured out somebody moved next door to us. I wondered who it was but i didn't know who it was. My dad was talking to them. My dad said Anna and James meet Mr.and Mrs.Doris. I said hi,nice to meet you Mr.and Mrs.Doris. They said meet my son Donald. Donald said hi. My dad said Donald will be going to school with you guy's. I said okay Then I said goodnight,and headed inside. The next morning I ate breakfast,and James and I went to the park. It was dark but we didn't care. Then later I said lets go James. Then as I turned around I saw Donald and I said hi Donald. I said what are you doing in the dark? He said I  like to be in the park when its dark. I said James and I got to get going,so i'll see you at school tomorrow. He said okay bye. The next morning I woke up, and took a shower and headed to school.My teacher  Mrs.Bergman took up attendance and she said we have a new student named Donald Doris,and he walked in the classroom and class began. It started to get sunny so we went outside to play,but Donald didn't want to,so he stayed inside. I went in and asked,why aren't you playing outside? He said I don't feel like it. I said okay and headed back outside. Soon school was over and Jame's and headed home ,but we didn't see Donald anywhere then we saw something go in the wood's. James and I said lets go see what that was,but we didn't see anything,but we saw a big path. James and I followed it,but it lead to a creepy house. we went inside,and said hello,is anybody here? Then I said James lets go and the door's closed. We tried to open it,but it wouldn't.Then someone said hi Anna. I turned around and it was Donald. I said what are you doing here? He didn't say anything, then he an downstairs fast,but I couldn't see him come down. I said what are you? He said vampire,then I said James run,then he grab him and threw him across the room. I ran to him and said are you alright? He said yes. Then James said watch out,and Donald slam me down on he ground,then I slam him against the wall and went upstairs and we locked the door. Donald bust the door,and we jumped out the window,and so did he. Then the sun came up and he turned to ash. James and I didn't say anything.

 Return of the vampire

  One day James and I went to school and then walked home. We passed the wood's. There's a creepy house there. That's where we turned Donald,the vampire to ash. Mr.and Mrs.Doris are still looking for them. Its been a week since that happened. Everyday I have the same dream, about Donald and that day. My brother have's nightmares about him but one day,I didn't see James anywhere. I walked home then I saw James coming out the wood's. James said Donald's alive. I said how could he be alive ,we turned him to ash? He said I don't know. I said what were you doing in the wood's? He said I thought someone was following me,so I went in the wood's. We went in the wood's and saw the house. Then we went inside. We started looking around,then James said there's Donald. I said James run. We ran to a room and locked the door. Then I saw an old book. I grab it and then tried to leave,but there was no window. So we went through a vent. Then Donald bust the door,and we were already gone. We headed out of the wood's and back home. Then we decided how we were going to kill Donald. James said have him burn in the sun. I said it won't work,because we did that and he's back alive. James asked whats that book? I said I don't know,THEN I opened it up and it said word's about a vampire dying. I said this is how we kill him. James asked how? I said we got to say these chanted word's and he will die. So the next day we went to school and I brought the book. As soon as school was over,we went back to the wood's looking for Donald. Donald said hi Anna and James.I said lets go,run in the house. Donald pushed me right through a wall and I said James run. Donald came and pushed him against the tree. Donald came up to me and said its time to die Anna.Then James said vampire for life come out your soul and come to the underworld. Then lightning and a portal came sucking Donald right through. Anna said you did it James! We never said anything and when we came home they said Mr.and Mrs.Doris was gone,but we never said anything.

The vampire strike's again

  James and I have had a long experience. We figured out Donald was a vampire. We turned him to ash,then he came back,and we said the chanted word's ,and he was gone until today. Today James was caught by Donald,And I didn't know where they went. I checked the house in the wood's,but they were not there. Then someone called me on the phone,and it was Donald, and he said to get James back you have to let my parent's out of the portal,or i'll turn James to a vampire by midnight. Everybody was looking for James. Mom and dad and everyone else. Some people thought that he was kidnapped,so they had guard dog's to.He said meet me at the clock tower. I meet him at the clock tower. It was 11:59. I ran right before he bit him then I pushed him off of him. Then we climbed up the tower. We climb to the top of the clock tower, then he pushed me down I. hurt myself bad. I couldn't move. Then he pushed James down,then cop's and guard's came and he started fighting each one. He came and slam a guy on the wall,and then he speed-ed and pushed them off the tower. Then I left and ran with James,but James was pushed on the tree,and he said run,so I ran.I was thinking what to do. then he said meet me at the clock tower and don't try to do anything. Then I brought the book. I was walking there and he came up to me and pushed me through the wall. I tried to get up,but then he went to James and was about to bite him,then my dad shot him. He just healed his self then ran to my dad and pushed him and slam him down to the ground. I ran to James and Donald grab me and slide me against the floor. Then he came and bit home James,then he had Vang's . He turned into a vampire,then he said let my parent's out. Then I said go back to the underworld. Then I said the word's in the book,vampire for life come out your soul and come to the underworld. Then it sucked him in. I didn't like somebody at school and they knew about this and he brought Donald back to life. James is a vampire now,and he protects me from anything dangerous.

vampire series: The danger's start again

  Today James and I went to school and came right home. There's a new girl named Kate,and James sense's that she's a vampire.She never went in the sun,or anything. Then the next day,it was sunny,so James had to fake sick,because he can't be in the sun. Then Kate came up to me and we went outside. It started to be cloudy,and Kate said there's nobody here to protect you. Then James came and pushed her through the school wall. Then James came to hit her ,then,she took her hand and used force. James couldn't move. Then I pushed her,and James fell. Then James grab her,and she flip James through a table. Then she left and ran,then everybody at  school started running in a panic. We ran home,and it was on the new's,and mom and dad grounded us. We wondered what we are going to do about Kate. She called on the phone,and said Mr. and Mrs.Doris are out of the portal. Then I remembered Donald. He turned James into a  vampire. Then Kate said meet me at the clock tower. Then we went to the clock tower,and was hit on a medal pole. Then James came and pushed her through the tower window. I tried to push her but she used her hand force. James used his speed,and pushed her off the tower. Then James went to to the edge and she through him down,and I made her fall and stomped on her finger's. Then the sun came up and then both of them turned to ash. Now James is dead,and Mr. and Mrs.Doris are still on the loose,and there's nobody to protect me.

vampire series: Mr and Mrs.Dorris

  Today is a bad day. I know Mr. and Mrs.Doris is after me. There next door to me. Nobody is here to protect me. James is dead. The next day I saw Mr. and Mrs.Doris following me. I ran in the wood's and went to the house. It was dark,then all the door's and window's locked. I saw Mr. and Mrs.Doris,and I said why are you doing this? They said ,because you killed my son. I ran,but she pushed me and slam me to the ground. She came up and bit me,then I turned into a vampire. She tried to hit me,but I grab her and trough her against the wall. I had red eye's,and when I look at somebody ,and I could control them. My dad and everybody was looking for me. I bust through the window and headed home. I was thinking what am I going to do. Mr. and Mrs.Doris called me and said you were warned. Then the next day my dad never came home. Then they called me and said to get your dad back you have to come to the house in the wood's. I came there and I saw my dad. Then I was pushed against the wall,and I kicked Mr.Doris through the wall. Then Mr.Doris came with a sword,then I did a back flip and pushed him into Mrs.Doris. I started to fight both of them. I slam Mrs.Doris to the ground. Then I kicked Mr.Doris in the air,then Mrs.Doris slam me against the wall and then she came up to me and I controlled her and then suddenly vampire's came up and grab both of them,and I ran home before anyone could find out,and I was free now and nobody could hurt me.

vampire series: revenge of the vampire's

 I'm doing fine. All the vampire's are dead. The next day I saw a vision of Mr.Doris and Mrs.Doris,Donald,and Kate,coming back for revenge. I ran the to the house in the wood's. I saw all of them. They pushed me on the wall. I said how did you come back? They said the lord of the underworld brought them back. I pushed them all down the stair's. I ran and got out. The next day I was worried,then I met this girl named Ellie. She was half human,half wolf. I said could you help me? She said yes, I said I can't be in the sunlight,I'm a vampire. I said vampire's can't sense wolf's. I said you listen on their conversation's. She said There's a book that could make their spirit's go away for good. It's in an underground mine. The next day I went underground,and Ellie went to drop in on their conversation's. Then she came with me. She said they know were doing this. Me and Ellie ran as fast as we could. I was pushed against the rock's,then Ellie came,and pushed them all down on the ground . I got on her and we ran,then we saw a book. I got it,and then statue's  of vampire's came to life. They all came to life to lift the curse. I was pushed,we all ran. We hided out in the wood's. I could sense their coming. We all took each other's hand's,and we all said the word's. I saw all four of them. They ran,and we said with the power invested in me,we order the good,and the bad vampire's live separate world's,and never be able to come back. Then they all disappeared,and the curse was lifted,and they can never come back. 

vampire series: The underworld

  My name is Anna,and this all started six year's ago. I killed Donald,his parent's ,and Kate,but it's not over. The lord of the underworld is trying to get a anadote to make him walk in the in the sun. We must stop him. We met a vampire named Dominique. The lord of the underworld has vampire guard's all over the place. Were going to take them out. We entered the place. Dominique came charging,she hit his guy head against a glass window,then Ellie turned to a wolf,and came and riped this guy's head off. I used my force,and push them all against the wall. A whole bunch of other guard's came,and we ran in a room. I said we gotta get Donald and them. Ellie said no,they will try to kill us. I said what other choice do we have? Dominique said let's do it. We said the word's,let the good,and bad join together to come as one  in which we seek. Then they all came out the portal. They tried to get us. Donald came,and I kicked him against the wall,then we grab Mr. and Mrs.Doris,and Kate around by the neck. I said were not gonna kill you, we need your help. Donald said why would we help you? I said if you help we won't send you back in the portal. I said we need to kill the lord of the underworld. He set you guy's up. He just let you out of the portal to find us for the anadote. Donald said what anadote? I said the anadote that can make a vampire walk in the sun. Then they said were in. We found two path's, I said Mr. and Mrs.Doris,and kate,and Donald,go that way. Dominique,Ellie,and I will go that way. Their were a whole bunch o guard's,then I said hey then they all looked at me,and Ellie came and knocked a guy out of the window. I used my force,then we head on,but one person pop-ed up ,then Dominique grab-ed a sword and stab-ed him in his heart. Then we head-ed on,then we found Donald,his parent's,and Kate. I said it's just lead in one place,then vampire guard's came. I said get him, then Mrs.Doris,and Kate got grab-ed,but their were to many guard's,so we started fighting them. I grab-ed this guy,and broke his neck. Dominique took out her sword,and started slicing everybody. Ellie ram-ed each person to the ground. I said guy's there's too many of them, I said run. Then I used my force ,and they all flew out the window. I said we gotta find Kate,and Mrs.Doris. I said we gotta go, then an alarm came on.  I said run,but their were guard's,so we ran the other way,but their were more guard's,then we attacked. I grab-ed a guy and flip-ed him over,and Dominique grab-ed two guy's around their neck,and broke their neck's. Donald pushed a guy in the air,and slam-ed him down hard,then Mr.Doris controlled all of them,and she had Ellie attack all of them. She charged at all of them,breaking their hands,and grab them,and through all of them against the wall,then we ran before more guard's came. The alarm was still on. The door's were locked ,and more guard's were coming. Ellie said go in the vent. Then each of us went one by one,then somebody grab-ed Donald,and he got pulled out,then I came out,but all of the guard's were gone. Mr.Doris i'm gonna get him,i said no,we have to move on. We will get all of them back. We continued going,then somebody called on a phone. I said hello,then he said hello Anna. I said its him,then I said where is Donald,his mom ,and Kate. He said their with me. I said give them back,then he said give me the anadote. I said no,then he said give me the anadote or I will kill all of them,then I hung up. We entered a room,thenn the light's came on,then he said hello Anna. Then I saw Mrs.Doris,Donald,and Kate tied up. I said un-tie them ,then he said give me the anadote,then I took it out,and raised up my hand,then he came,and I used my force,and pushed him against the wall. I ran,he grab-ed me around the neck,and Dominique took her sword and cut down Mrs.Doris,Donald,and Kate. We all attack-ed him. The sun was almost up,he grab-ed me,and was about to kill me,but he got stabed by Dominique,and she grab-ed him ,and threw him out the window. Then the sun came up ,and he turned to ashes. The world was saved,and we all became friend's.

vampire series: The deadly witch

  I've been through a lot. I killed the lord of the underworld. I just learned about witch's,and how they can control vampire's. I was with Dominique,and I said what's wrong,and she said my sister,Nancy,she a witch. I said is she good? She said no. She doesn't like me,because i'm a vampire,she want's to kill me. I said i'll talk to you later,so I went and found the address to Nancy's place,so I knocked on the door,and someone answered,and I said are you Dominique's friend? I said yes,then she said crazy word's that didn't make any sense,then I sudenly fell asleep there. Donald,his parents,and Kate were looking for me,so they tracked my scent,and came to Nancy's house,then they bust in,and said where's Anna? Then Nancy put the spell on them to,and said go get Dominique. So we all ran to her house. We arrived at Dominique's house,then we bust in,and said you must go to Nancy,so Dominique pushed us Down,and ran to Nancy's house,then she said get the spell off of them. Nancy said they'll be like that forever,so Dominique ran to her,then bit her,then Dominique fell down,and then Nancy said a spell,but before she could put the spell on her,Ellie jumped through the window,and pushed her,then Nancy tried to put the spell on Ellie,but it didn't work,and Nancy said why didn't it work? Ellie said i'm not a vampire,i'm a wolf,so Nancy said non-power's begun,then Ellie said what did you do to me? Nancy said I took your power's away,so you can't turn into a wolf. Then Ellie said you will die,so then she attacked her,then Nancy pushed her with her force then Ellie fell. Nancy went to her,but then Ellie grab-ed Nancy around the neck,then Nancy said please don't kill me. Then Ellie said bring Anna back,so then Nancy said some word's,then the spell came off Anna. Then Anna said what's your power? Then Nancy said cast spell's,and bring dead thing's back to life. Then Anna said said any dead thing? Then Nancy said any dead body,or animal. Then Anna said bring back my brother Jame's to life,then Nancy said some word's. Let Jame's come back to life,then a big hole came from the ground,then rose up Jame's body. Then Anna said why isn't he awake,and Nancy said It take's time before he wake's up,then Nancy flip-ed Ellie on the ground,then Nancy said Donald,his parent's,and Kate will still come after you,and i'm not taking the spell off,then Nancy vanished with her power,then Donald,his parent's,and Kate attacked us,then we pushed them,and tied them up,and left them,and James there. Then the next morning,I met up with Ellie,and Dominique,and I said how can we kill her? Dominique said we can't,because she can control us,but Ellie can,but Ellie said I can't turn into a wolf,because I got a spell on me,so then we asked Dominique how can we kill a witch? Dominique said kill a witch like you would kill any person,then someone called Dominique's phone,and she said hello,and it was Nancy,and she said hi Dominique,and she said what do you want? She said meet me in the wood's at 8 o'clock,and Dominique said why would I do that? Then she said if you don't Donald,his parent's,and Kate will be like this forever,then I hanged up,and we went to Nancy's house to Donald,and them,then we figured out they were gone,but James was still there asleep,then it was eight so we went in the wood's,then we saw Nancy,Donald,and them,and I said get the spell off,and Nancy said not unless you sacrifice Dominique's life,and I said never,then she attacked,so Donald came to me,so I flipped him,and he hit a tree,then Mr,and Mrs.Doris attacked Dominique,but she pushed them in the air,and slam-ed them on the ground.Ellie was fighting Kate,but Kate punched Ellie,then used force on Dominique,and she made us slam into a tree,and we fell,then Nancy said time to die Dominique,then someone attacked her,and it was James,then Nancy flip-ed him,and cast a spell,but James blocked it,then James punched her,but she used force to push him against the tree,then James came behind her,and cracked her neck. Then we explained everything to James,but now the team is all together,but we'll see what we'll have to do next. 

vampire series: The unexpected

  We've just killed Nancy[Dominique's sister],but Donald,his parent's,and Kate are still under the spell,but we've been looking for a way to reverse it,but so far we have nothing. It's been two week's since Nancy died,and now James is back,but after we all were talking about the spell,and I figured out,but it can only take one person off the spell,and only a witch can reverse it,so I found Dominique's mom,and asked if she can reverse,and only since it could take one person off the spell I decided to take Mrs.Doris,so then Dominique's mom said reverse the spell,take it off,don't forget who you are,so then the spell came off of Mrs.Doris. Mrs.Doris said what happened? I said you were under Nancy's spell for two week's,but James killed her two week's ago,then Mrs.Doris said we were under Dominique's spell,then I said what are you talking about? Then she said Dominique's half witch half vampire. That's why she put the spell on me,and them,because she knew if we knew if we knew,that we'll tell the queen,and she'll sentence her to death,and if we knew,and didn't tell the queen,we'll be sentenced to death,then I said we'll have to kill her our-self's,so I ran to Dominique's house,and I said you must be stop-ed,then she said who told you? I said Mrs.Doris,so then Dominique gab-ed me,and flip-ed me over on a glass table,and I as in to much pain to get up,so she ran to Mrs.Doris house,then Dominique busted in,and said you won't stop me,and Mrs.Doris said what make's you so sure? Dominique said I have some help,and then she said meet me in the underworld before midnight,or i'll kill your son,husband,and Kate,then Mrs.Doris said no,then Dominique came to her,and elbowed her in the stomach,and used her force,and Mrs.Doris flew out the window,so then Dominique went to her secret hideout,and said to her helper,are you ready for tonight? Then the helper said yes,then Dominique said tonight will be the degeneration. Meanwhile I said it's gonna be hard to kill Dominique,she's strong. Then Ellie said my brother's can help their name's are Jake and Dean, Jake's a wolf,and Dean's a vampire. Then we told everyone about Dominique,and how she's half witch,and half vampire.We told everyone to meet in the underworld before midnight,meanwhile we were planing how to kill her,then a vampire busted in,and we said who are you? They said we were sent by Dominique to bring you people to her,so then we started fighting,so then James,and I flip-ed on the other side of this guy,and grab-ed him by the neck,and Ellie elbowed him in the head,and his head,and his head came off,then someone grab-ed Mrs.Doris,but James used force to break both of his arm's off,then Mrs.Doris bit him,and he shadered [broke to piece's]. Ellie turned into a wolf,then got two guy's,and riped them in half,then we went to our hideout [house in the wood's]. Then we got our book,and said the word's to go to the under world. Let us go to the underworld,show us the path as which we seek,then a portal came up,and before we left Jake came[Ellie's brother],and we asked where's Dean? Jake said I don't know,I couldn't find it,so then we left,then we entered the underworld,and then we found Dominique,Donald,his parent,and Kate. Then Dominique said it's time to finish what we started,then Dominique ran up to James,and pushed him in a hole,and then Dominique said that's the hole of darkness,and once I seal it,you can never get out,then Dominique said Donald,Mr.Doris,and Kate attack,so then I got Dominique,then she punched me,and used her force to keep me against the wall,I couldn't move,then Donald,Mr.Doris,and Kate pushed Ellie,Mrs.Doris in the hole,then Jake turned into a wolf,and bit Dominique's leg,and through her against the wall,then she used force to push him in the hole,then she ran up to me,then I kicked her,then I got up from the wall,then Dominique said meet my helper,and it was Dean,and I said traitor,then he said no Anna i'm not a traitor to you,i'm a traitor to Dominique,then Dominique said what,then he kicked her,then she used her power,and It blasted him through the wall. Then she turned around,and trip-ed her and slam-ed her on the ground,then she flip-ed me,and I fell in the hole,and then she turned around and Dean attack her,and then through her in the hole of darkness with us,then Jake turned into a wolf,then got Dominique's head,and ripe-ed it off,Anna called Dominiques's mom then she got the spell off Donald,Mr.Doris,and Kate but it sucked all of her energy,she said I'm dying then I said Im sorry about your daughter's,It's okay shen then said,then said I forgive you then she died.Then Dean helped us get out of the hole,and we said we can't trust you,then we left,but before we could someone came in,and I said who are you? Then she said the Queen of the underworld,who are you? To be continued...

vampire series: return of the underworld part 1

"Hi my name is Anna"... "Shhh, i know who you are, you killed my husband, but dont worry Anna,i dont want to kill you", the queen said."You dont ?" i asked"Of course not, i hated my husband, i only married him for power, and now that he is dead, im in charge now", the queen said."Who is that, the dead body?" the queen asked. "Dominique, she tried to kill us all, because shes half witch and half vampire."

"Oh, and i was wondering why did you kill my husband though?" the queen asked. "He was trying to obtain a anecdote that could make him walk in the sun forever," i said. "Forever, so thats what he wanted," the queen said. I said, Who wants what?". "The one who started this all on you and your brother james, but im not saying who," the queen said. Then Dean came up to Anna and flipped her over , then Elle ran to help, but then Jake pushed Elle through a window. The queen ran to Anna, and Jake and Dean ran away.

"I dont know what their doing," I said. "Were going to have to kill them," the queen said.

"No there has to be another way!".

I ran to go find them. I sensed Jake about a mile away so i ran to the position. As i was passing by a tree Jake came out of no where, and tripped me, and made me hit a tree. " Jake whats wrong?" i said. He just came at me, so i took out a smal knife i had and i threw it at his stomache, but he dodged it kicking it towards me, but i dodged it and it stabbed into the tree. The queen came up behind Jake checking hime, then Jake went unconsious, and fell to the ground.We both picked Jake up, and brought him back to the earth. We also arrived later. We all went to the house in the woods. Then a few hours later everyone was asleep besides me. I walked outside and as i looked up i saw Dean in a tree. I said," We got Jake tied in the house, why are you doing this?" He would not answer. I started to run fast, and i jumped to the tree and attacked, but i went through him. I turned and saw that it was a hollagram. I jumped fast off the tree, and ran back to the house. I woke everyone up. Then i noticed something and said," Wheres Elle?" I went through the back door, and i saw Elle cut open with her blood completly drained from her. I yelled," Nooooooo!!" Elle was dead. We were all very sad. We buried Elle later. We then went to sleep.

The next morning we woke up and the queen was not there, so i ran outside and i did not see anyone. Then my phone rung. I answered the phoine saying," Hello?"

"Hello Anna, this is the queen, im not working with you,i got Jake and Dean and i figured out their under a witches spell. Im not sure who did it but heres a deal. I want the anecdote to make me walk in the sun forever, or Jake and Dean die, i want it by tomarrow. Then i was thinking Oh my God.

                                     To Be Continued...



Vampire series: return of the underworld part 2 (Coming December 16, 2017)